Tuesday, September 22, 2015

UWM Post: Volume One Online

The fall of 1956 was an exciting time in Milwaukee.  Not only was it the start of the fall semester, but there was a new school, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and a new student newspaper, the UWM Post.

Click here for an explanation of why UWM students called their newspaper the UWM Post...

This fall, the UWM Archives and Digital Collections are excited to announce something new as well—the first volume of the UWM Post is now digitized and fully searchable online. We will add content to the UWM Post digital collection throughout this academic year. We plan to post all 57 volumes spanning 1956 to 2012 in time for the UWM Post’s 60th anniversary in fall 2016.

See UWM through its students’ eyes—a university where the mascot was the (less than fearsome) Cardinal, where the library was located in Mellencamp Hall, and where tuition for Wisconsin residents was $90 per semester.  Today, the UWM Post is published in digital form only, but at its peak, the Post produced editions with press runs of 10,000 to 15,000 copies each Monday and Thursday during the fall and spring semesters, plus summer issues. Seventy-five percent of the newspapers were distributed on the UWM campus, with the remaining newspapers disseminated to locations throughout many Milwaukee neighborhoods. The UWM Post printed its last paper issue in November 2012.

– Abigail Nye